10 Things You Need For Your Freshman Year At College

Are you getting ready to pack all your things and move to college and start another chapter in your life?

If yes, then the following article is for you.

Now college is a completely different story than your high school. You are away from home and you would want your dorms to feel as much ‘like home’ as possible. Therefore, I bring you the ‘ultimate’ list of things you would want to bring to your college.

  • A set of extra pillows and blankets –

In college, most of the time you are going to be tired and your bed is going to be your best friend. So, it is important to make it as comfy as possible. Now, when you’re always on your bed, it has some cons too. In college, you are going to have a lot of late night snacks like ramen and chances are you are going to spill it.

  • Ferry lights or a lamp

Now in college, it is inevitable that you are going to share a room with someone and often your schedules are quite different. And, it is good to have some extra light near your side of the room.

  • Some kitchenware –

You would require a set of bowls, spoons, forks, and other essentials. I mean, how else are you supposed to eat all your late night snacks? And make sure to get a microwaveable bowl.

  • Earbuds or noise-canceling headphones –

With all the hustle and bustle of college life, you need some ‘me-time’. It is a proven fact that relaxing increases productivity. So, give yourself time to chill & listen to some music.

  • Backpack & umbrella –

If you are about to shift to a place with a lot of rain, then it is better to buy a waterproof backpack & an umbrella as you don’t want your laptops & books to get wet.

  • Eye-patch for sleeping –

It is for the people who can not sleep with the light on and in college, there are times when your roomie might be burning the midnight oil and you want to have a nap but you can’t because of all the light in the room.

  • Coffee mugs –

When I went to college, I took so much stuff but the one thing I forgot was – coffee mugs. Without coffee, my life was dull & stressful. I want to spare you from the nightmare, so take your coffee mugs with you.

  • A good water bottle –

With all the coffee and tea intake, you need water. Students, you can not function well without water. Also, invest in a good flask that does not leak.

  • A laundry hamper –

You will need a place to keep all your dirty laundry.

  • Candles

Candles are an awesome way to change the whole ambiance. With your favorite scented candles you make your room feel like your home. Candles also help in relaxing, feeling calm & energized.

  • First – aid kit –

You would need a bandage, in case you got a paper cut while reading all those books.

  • An extension cord –

With all those electronics, you need some extra plugs.

  • Garbage bags –

With all that junk accumulated, you need a garbage bag.

  • Pen drive –

In college, for all those print outs, you would need a pen drive or a flash drive.

And at last, enjoy and all the best to all the freshmen going to college this year. College is one hell of a ride.

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