Must-Have Applications/Extensions for Mac in 2021

Nowadays, we spend most of our time on our digital devices be it for leisure or work purposes. 2020 has taught us a variety of things and one thing that is probably going to be number one on our lists is how to manage our time more productively?

One-way for doing this is by effectively utilizing all the things our laptops have to offer. Now, for this, we have applications and extensions. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the apps/extensions that I have come across in 2020 that have made my time spent on the laptop so much more productive.


I have come across so many people who still don’t use an Adblock which is simply mind-boggling to me, I just can not imagine how people can spend 15-20 mins of their day by watching an advertisement on YouTube or other websites. Today, there are a number of ad-blocking applications and extensions available for both Safari and Chrome. Adblocking apps and extensions not only save your time but protect your data from hackers. So, do yourself a big favor and get an adblocker right now.

To get the extension on safari, simply click on the safari logo on the top-left side of your screen and click on safari extensions.
To get the extension on chrome, simply google chrome extensions and type Adblock. 


Clocker is an app that lets you keep track of time for any time zone. This app is useful for students as well as people working from home. Due to the pandemic, students who are back at home in another time zone can keep track of their online classes as well as paper submissions. People working from home, who have clients from all over the world can keep track of their meetings and deadlines. Moreover, the app also syncs in with your calendar and helps you keep track of your urgent deadlines. In toto, the app is just seamlessly user-friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing.

You can simply search the app on the App Store.

This is how the app looks in the menu dock.


Flow is yet another application that is going to help you manage your time spend on your Macs more productive.

Ever since I came across this application, I have been able to manage my time more efficiently. For example, If I am working on an article, I set the timer and focus on the article piece only. This way, I can keep track of how much time I have spent on a particular article.

If you are someone who likes to follow the pomodoro technique, or simply like to take 5 to 10 minutes breaks in between your work or study sessions, then this app is just for you.

As for the interface, it is just flawless.

This is how the app looks in the menu dock.
If you do not want to invest in the pro version then the free version is also great and has a lot to offer, you can set different flow or break durations.

To download the app, simply go on App Store, and search Flow.


Fliqlo is the name of the app that lets you set a aesthetically pleasing screensaver on your Mac devices so, that you never forget the time. If you’re someone who likes to regularly take a break in between while working on your Mac then this application is going to be a lifesaver.

I can say from my personal experience that this app is going to be your cuckoo clock. I am someone who likes to take quick coffee or snacks break and while my break I always go through my phone. Ever since I got this screensaver app, I am always reminded of the time when I look at the screen of my mac and I jump back on my chair to start working again.

You can download the screensaver for free by simply clicking on this link.

This is how the app looks. Pretty, right?

Google Drive

I still come across so many people who don’t use cloud storage which is crazy. You can not be the person who carries a number of hard drives or pen drives to store their data or simply stores them on their Mac devices which is crazier. You never know when your trusty little device is going to leave you and with that, all your important data is also gone.

So, sign in to your google drive with your google account and get free cloud storage of 15Gb (which you can upgrade by investing a couple of bucks).

The app also lets you sync all your data and if you download the app, you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

Trust me, google drive is just ah-mazing.

Google Docs

Google Docs is another great contribution by Google to the worldwide community. Google docs is a web application that is synced into your Google account and lets you write, edit, share word documents anytime, anyplace, or with anyone.

In my opinion, it is a far better alternative to your Word or One Note application. Once you start working on this app, you can never go back to the Microsoft word application.

This web application just has a lot to offer from a built-in template option to never have to worry about saving your file (the documents keeps on saving on your google drive as you’re typing).


Grammarly is a web extension that has changed my life. Ever since I got the extension, I never have to worry about silly but frequent grammar mistakes while writing inflow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re who is working a big thesis paper or simply replying to some emails. Grammarly is going to make sure that you avoid all unprofessional and silly mistakes while writing anything.

In order to download the extension on safari or chrome, simply search Grammarly.


I came across Notion two years ago, however, it was not until the pandemic that I finally started using the app and understood the usefulness of the application. Notion offers a variety of templates that you can work on, you can think of it as a one-stop destination for all your needs. Seriously, it would be difficult to list all the things that you can do with the application.

You can work on the web application or download the app which is available for both Mac as well as iPhones. Click on this link to download the app.

Here’s the rough overview of the templates available. But trust me, once you start exploring the app, the options are limitless.


Pipifier is an extension for safari which I recently came across and I am so thankful that I did. This extension lets you watch any video on safari browser to be opened in Picture in Picture mode. Ever since I installed the extension, I don’t have to stop playing the video if I opened any other tab, I simply click on the extension on the safari toolbar and watch my video while browsing the internet.

In order to download the extension, just go on safari extensions and search PiPifier. The extension is also available on chrome, you simply need to go on google extensions and search Pipifier.

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