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In the era where almost all our needs are getting resolved in the online world, so are our real estate matters. Today, anything you want to know about is just a click away. Although with so much competition, how can real-estate brands make them stand out in the crowd? The answer is simple: Marketing. Not only marketing but good marketing. TK Real Estate Marketing is an online service that helps you achieve just that. It is a place where in three easy steps you can enhance your presentation quality and increase customer satisfaction. TK Real Estate Marketing provides a number of services including Flyers, Single Property Website & Flyer, Real Estate Agent Website, and many more. To know more, contact Tanya Knowles.

Recently, I got the opportunity to work with Tanya Knowles who runs TK Real Estate Marketing and provided her with real-estate newsletters. Here is a sample:

A Realtor Actually Makes You Money

What’s the biggest reason most people don’t want to even talk to realtors? The commission. After all, a 3% commission on a $100,000 property is $3,000 – think of all the things you can do with that money. 

But here’s the thing – $3,000 is still less than $100,000 and a realtor ensures that the house you buy is worth spending 100k on.

Most realtors in the United States are college-educated and have an average of 8 years of experience. All that experience translates into expert insights and insider knowledge that helps you pick the right house.

For instance, many homeowners don’t like a “For Sale” sign on their lawn or front door, this is especially common in upmarket properties. So how do you find a house if you don’t even know it’s for sale? With a realtor.

It’s the small things like these that make that 3% commission well worth it.

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