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The clamor for the Death Penalty for Rapists of Minors.

The weekend of April 2018, was filled with joy, or sorrow, depending on who you talk to. In India’s ongoing project to fight child sexual assaults, the death penalty was approved as a punishment for rapists of girls below 12 years of age, following an order amending the existing criminal law. 

Things You Need For Your Freshman Year At College​

Are you getting ready to pack all your things and move to college and start another chapter in your life?

If yes, then the following article is for you.


Philosopher John Austin was born in the year 1790 to Jonathan and Anne Austin. Acknowledged as the ‘Father of English Jurisprudence’, he was a notable legal theorist who influenced the British and American Legal structure with his analytical approach to Jurisprudence and his theory of legal positivism. Although his work got recognition only after his death.